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フットサル Futsal
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<KAREDO Futsal> 
We play pickup futsal games in Tokyo.  This is not competitive but just for good exercise and for fun! :)
Enjoying the exchanges with other players while recovering from lack of exercise -  that is KAREDO Futsal!
M/F, all nationalities, experienced, even beginners welcome!!

Games of "Beginners Level" and "All Level" are taken turns.
We limit the number of participants for the each level with first-come-first-served basis.

We look forward to your participation!

<Game Levels>
We set 2 levels of game as below;
1. Beginners Level - Games that women can enjoy freely.
This is mainly for women who want to enjoy footy without worrying about getting tackled(!).  Let's enjoy a kickabout!
2. All Level - From beginners to advanced.
Not only for advanced players but for those who like exercise even with no experience of soccer nor futsal.

<Rough Guide of The Day>
- When you arrive at the court please let us know your participation.
- The person in charge will be there 15 mins before the game start.
- Please pay the fee to the person in charge after the games.

<Remember This>
 Please no dangerous play such as shoulder charging, sliding tackle, holding/pushing an opponent!!

☆Advanced Futsal Game☆
This team is for advanced players who wants to enjoy skilled and competitive games.
See Advanced Futsal Club for more details.