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Party Charity
Charity Futsal! - Apr 10 (Sun)
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Next futsal game will be charity futsal for the Tohoku-Kanto Earthquake.
All the participation fee will go to the Japanese Red Cross as relief money for the affected populations.

As we want this futsal to have many partipants considering it is for a charity cause,
absolute beginners, any outfit (even jeans) are OK!
However, comfortable shoes are required for safety eg. sneakers, futsal shoes.
"Absolute beginners game" is planned in addition to the usual games depending on the level of participants on the day.

We hope you enjoy being involved in this fund-raising event which we're sure you will agree is for an extremely worthwile cause.
No limited number of participants this time. Of course your friends are very welcome! :)
Please apply from the "Join" button below. (If you are subscribing "Event Newsletter" you only need to reply to the email.)

■When: April 10th, 2011 (Sun) 15.00-17.00 

■Where: Asakusa ROX3

■Participation fee: 1,000yen (All will be donated therefore more than 1,000yen is of course welcome.)

Asakusa ROX3 (浅草ROX3): 
1-26-5 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo 
- All-weather court with roof
- Shower room equipped.

Please note that;
*This futsal game might be cancelled due to the scheduled blakouts and afterquake etc.
**The idea of this event is for charity, therefore there might be lack of efficiency during the session.
***No limited number of participants, therefore the session might be overcrowded of players resulting to limited amount of playing time.
****The donation amount collected at this event will be announced on our website at a later date.




今回人数制限はありません。どうぞ友達等もどんどん誘ってください!^ ^

■日時: 2011年4月10日(日) 15:00?17:00 
■場所: 浅草ROX3
■参加費: 1,000円 (参加費は全額寄付しますので、それ以上でも大歓迎です。)

浅草ROX3: 地図
- 屋根付の全天候型、 人工芝
- シャワールームあり